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Simon Welch 1973: Day 40 | Portrait
mariajoseruiz1966: IN YOUR EYES
Odd Jim: Chilling with the hounds in lockdown
RetvolFF: Happy Birthday Callie!
RetvolFF: Watching the weather report to see if it is ok to go for a walk.
Pixel Packing Mama ~ 31 Million Views ♥: 3 Dalmatians, 2 Real & One Ceramic Statue
Matutinale: Tapis rouge pour Priska
Matutinale: Le shopping a ses raisons que mon banquier ignore
Matutinale: Bar à toutou pour Priska
Mr McHaddock: P4030029_DxO
G.A.D: Pratchett out for a leisurely stroll
Definder: Morgenspaziergang mit Caillou
Mr McHaddock: maggie on the dunes
RetvolFF: Callie posing!
wakethesun.: Dalmatian.
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Definder: Caillou
Definder: Caillou