mcdolan79: 20006 Wyoming Buffalo Ranch
mcubs: red bellied woodpecker
mcubs: red bellied woodpecker
Maenette1: Herbs and spices in bulk - SS Menominee Michigan
Maenette1: City water dept repair! Menominee Michigan
Henry Hemming: The World's Wide Web....
mauvi_63: west3
R.Smrekar: Hoover Dam - Arizona - USA
Buoscio_Fine_Art: Great Falls Sunset
mcdolan79: Strasburg Pa.
Neil M Holden: Corfu, Greece
Neil M Holden: Buenos Aires, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Neil M Holden: Kuranda, Queensland, Australia
Neil M Holden: Rainforestation Nature Park, Kuranda, Australia
Joe Geronimo: IBM Glen
Neil M Holden: Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
#swingen35photog: Harvey House for weary travelers in a different way and time
mcdolan79: 1973-74... Cindy, Araca Rd. Babylon.
alex "Heimatland 2019": Zeiss Ikon Taxona - 1953-1959
R.Smrekar: Imperial Sand Dunes - Mesquite - California - USA
Tom Mortenson: Lake Pleasant
mcubs: A goose flying over the Erie Canal in upstate New York
dangaken: Traverse City Ice
mcdolan79: Bounty Mid 1960's Flushing NY ( by La Guardia Airport.)
mcdolan79: Fort Taylor Key West Fl. Cannon Collection 1978
mcdolan79: Pitcairn Mailwing...June 1964
mcdolan79: Pride of Baltimore I , I believe. about 1980-81...Key West Fl.
mcdolan79: 1970 trip
Henry Hemming: Dunkin #1
mysterious-man: Dart vs. Balloon