Andreas Komodromos: L'Oreal - Hudson Yards, New York City
Phil Marion (182 million views - THANKS): After sunrise looking west from Balmy Beach
geneward2: Pongal celebration
geneward2: I've seen the light
Andreas Komodromos: Bright lights, big city (Herald) - New York City
Andreas Komodromos: Squeeze the Flatiron - New York City
faun070: Sofia '19
faun070: Sofia '19
faun070: Sofia '19
faun070: Sofia '19
faun070: Sofia '19
faun070: Sofia '19
mkarabouta: window to sky
AristodemoDc: Take a break
` Toshio ': Old Montreal in Black and White
gregory.tetsios: Lund - printemps 2020
Régis Corbet: Rush hour
grobigrobsen: Is it a dachshund? Is it a duck? No, it's a duckel!
waterfallout: Burn Out
berndroseulm: Stuttgart 21
Andreas Komodromos: Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - New York City
adr3.l: Reflejados
T_Schildbach: Self-Portrait
Pomo photos: young girl portrait, abandoned city
lacafferata: Grønland, Oslo
KievBest: I hope she is warm)
Kyle Emmerson: Penn Station
Kyle Emmerson: 5 Penn Plaza
Kyle Emmerson: 1 Penn Plaza