El2deepblue*: The colors of summer
Irina1010: In the golden morning light
oriana.italy: summer ... once upon a time
helmet13: steeple of Ulm Minster in fog .
helmet13: landscape - 135
josef...: highWater
Irina1010: Inward
Elin Laxdal: The lonesome grebe
Irina1010: Hello April, my good friend
Irina1010: In season
Toni_V: nEEd for spEEd - swiss tunnel edition
Stefania.foto6: Il sole brilla tra gli archi
Corinaldesi Roberto: "le soir il peut attendre......"
helmet13: landscape - 0125
Pete Foley: Thank You
Irina1010: Autumn
liesbet_sanders: Sisterhood
Irina1010: November reflections
Heiko Monson: Water games in the early morning
Irina1010: Garden song HBM
Irina1010: A rose for Tuesday
fauabu59: Silhouettes Cook Strait
@magda627: anteketborka.blogspot.com, givre2
boriches: a faraway place, long, long ago
Irina1010: Morning by the pond
josef...: confused children of the corn
judy dean: Sunflowers
Barbara.57: Snow on the tops