clovegrove7: Toco Hill
clovegrove7: Temple of Heracles 2
GeoClio: Huge Hand Symbol, Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, India
leo.roos: Retired tires
leo.roos: Black and blue
leo.roos: Missing molar
Mr Winegettr: Language is a mechanical skill.
thierry.loth1: dxoP1013052
karma (Karen): neighborhood ES/MS construction
jan warneck: so hard
Howie K: shore patterns
clovegrove7: Sears Pillars
karma (Karen): Cooperstown NY ~ Fenimore Art Museum
Peter de Wit (peterdewit325): 2022 november - Glow Eindhoven NL
Enista (thanks for your comments): Simpe sampe sompe......
janhallback: 6M7A7511
ShutterLizard: Snowmen
jan warneck: vanity
Gilbert Mercier: US flags & "Come & Take It" gun right proponent flags painted on bent & burnt wooden boards
Paul D McCarthy: Abstract
leo.roos: The blue and grey shopping experience
K.H. Yeh: Taiwanese pray lantern 闔家平安 財源廣進
pierre-vdm: tausend augen
leo.roos: Roof tiles
jan warneck: never enough
Armin Fuchs: stairs behind a decorated fence
pierre-vdm: studiomoderne