ingemar_akerlind: City dawn
ingemar_akerlind: Contrasting worlds
Stefano Wolf Artists Collective: Magic bottle. Made by a child aged 10.
Stefano Wolf Artists Collective: Cover music video "Syncage's anxiety" (13-11-2018) by White Angel #WhiteANGEL
WAVZ 13: An endless golden field of swampy reeds by sunset light in the New Jersey Meadowlands as seen from my train window. Going home after a spending a day in Manhattan. October 2021.
Grant Beerling: A dystopian Balfron Tower
ingemar_akerlind: Dove of peace?
Branko Bauer: Aussteigen oder standhalten? (Get out or stand up?)
(stephotos): mirror mirror 1
Abyss. Artful: [TARDFISH PHOTO CONTEST - Abyss Artful]
ingemar_akerlind: November light
ingemar_akerlind: The old forge
ingemar_akerlind: The girl and the tree
ingemar_akerlind: Distorted tree posture
chrisshots: Teufelsberg
bugsuperstar: The mutability of the past is the central tenet of INGSOC.
ingemar_akerlind: All Saints' Day
ingemar_akerlind: Urban melancholy
jean sept: The Moon Race In Kennedy's Eye
brother_toby: hinterm Hauptbahnhof
Abyss. Artful: INNOCENT~
ingemar_akerlind: The dream of a decent cup of coffee in a turbulent world
chrisshots: Teufelsberg
chrisshots: Zufall
Ralph Graef: Dretzelerstr. 17