Jim Ownby: Red Food in the Evening
Paul L. Nettles: Lost And Found (Third Place Winner in the 2016 AMoA September Competition)
Jim Ownby: IC 6119 Byram MS
Stephen Rees: Grab shot
Paul L. Nettles: Raindrops on Gladiolus flowers
C. S. Jackson: One Horse Town.
Paul L. Nettles: B-17G Nine O Nine
C. S. Jackson: Lines in the Sunset
freakindeeda: Rocky mountain national park
wvilberg: DSC01372
rose campbell: Bee-Hind
MyArtfulLife: Have we met?
firewallender: A moment
JK>: Glory...
Tim Wiegert: Hoh Rain Forest
Barefoot's Art: Thistle Garden
kawwsu29: Skyline at Dusk
Sandra Sue Rouse-Nuss: Flying Seagull Photo by Don Nuss, enhanced by Sandy Nuss
Paul L. Nettles: Total Eclipse Of The Sun
dd marie: Island Life!
berlyjen: perpendicular
Alun J. Carr: Perfectly Formed
GaylenBray: a place with heart
justpics2007: sunset bridge