philkilla clem: La menace
Alberto Estella: Cristalmina _XT23325
AlexKr81: Algarve
vanregemoorter: Forêt Folhay
Northern Wild: Capture from my visit to Rydal Water but this time from a different angle. The mist helped to separate the lone tree and island from the otherwise busy background giving it an ethereal feeling.
manolohp77: Watercourses
Pablo RG: Niño Neptuno II
ktclau: Grooses and Girl @Sunayu
acornuser: IMGP6399
Agirard: Lac Tahoe Area, Californie
steckmatthias: Grödnertal [explored]
Gaetan Bois: Maine - Acadia National Park - Premetic Mountain
JDS Fine Art Photography: The Light at the Heart of the Storm
Ernst-Jan de Vries: cold foggy november morning II
bratispixl: blau weiß grün
wjaachau: November 26, 2019 Snowstorm in Denver
__ PeterCH51 __: Laguna Miñiques, Chile
 Lurens: Autunno nelle valli di Lanzo
[CamCam]: Valley
Prvnr: Bird
jimnicholls65: Ironbridge Shropshire England
Jerzy Orzechowski: Prickly beauty
Carlos Bruzos: Eggishorn
Zoa Mª: Dos puentes y un destino
Dr.shanab: Dream~
Uwe Kögler: Madeira , Ninho da Manta
** Capo Jean-claude * <°)))) ><: " C’est à l’endroit où il est le plus profond que le lac est le plus calme. Entre au plus profond de toi et tu y trouveras le calme et la paix. "