the.mickey.why: Swimming Muskrat
Lina Manila Whitaker: Am so grateful to see the APOLLO 11 - That landed the moon 50 yrs. ago today. July 20th 1969. Today this piece of History is preserved over by USS HORNET Alameda. CA.
jhberger505: Nightly neon, Portland, Oregon
Thanathip Moolvong: Field of gold.
Petri Juhana: Vyborg decay XI
jhberger505: Coolship aging barrels, Allagash Brewing Company, Portland, Maine
jhberger505: Bug Light, Casco Bay, Portland Maine
rosch2012: White-fronted Nunbird (Monasa morphoeus)
rosch2012: ...two balls???
hullcameron174: 2019-06-13_06-06-52
hullcameron174: 2019-07-08_01-52-05
hullcameron174: 2019-07-09_08-34-13
hullcameron174: 2019-07-09_09-25-45
SyrianSindibad: Kazakhstan! Wedding Photo
jhberger505: Casco Bay, Portland, Maine
AlexDROP: _DS16593 - The Jerónimos Monastery
the.mickey.why: Canoes and Kayaks at Elk Island
hullcameron174: 2019-06-22_09-05-04
hullcameron174: 2019-06-22_11-06-59
hullcameron174: 2019-07-04_11-24-31
jhberger505: Taking flight, Allagash Brewing Company, Portland, Maine
Dd Photographie: Couronne d'épine en argent
Dd Photographie: Madonna Rides Again
Dd Photographie: Madonna Rides Again
john0908heart1: DSC04886
Life and Photo: ТЭП70БС-082
jhberger505: Birthday party, Arlington, Virginia
fl_mala: "The earth has music for those who listen..."
oscar.martini_51: Le peonie in fiore.
wesleyparsons: 7MP7 with NR18, NR93, G526 out drags a local railcar at millswood