Ashley Hawkins.: European Endeavour arriving into Dublin on the 03:00 sailing from Liverpool 17/11//18
leo.roos: Breda station, next level
leo.roos: Park the bus
Ashley Hawkins.: Stena Superfast X departing Belfast on the 11:30 sailing to Cairnryan 1/3/20
delecroix.richard: XE3-38517 copie
Ashley Hawkins.: European Seaway arriving into Larne on the 13:30 sailing from Cairnryan 6/5/17
sindre97: Stordal
OlafHorsevik: "Glutra" på tur nordover til Narvik
Ashley Hawkins.: Stena Scotia arriving into Belfast on the 08:30 sailing from Heysham 21/7/22
klewis4848: The Return of the Steilacoom-Anderson Island Ferry on a Cold Foggy Morning!
chandelure102: Palmetto Spirit and Ro-Ro ship
PatM666: Corsica Ferries
rodburkey: Royal Iris and Queen Victoria.
rodburkey: Royal Iris
rodburkey: "Snowdrop"
rodburkey: "Fading Daffodil"
PatM666: Nice Port
PatM666: Nice port
Maasmondmaritime: riverferries@piet sinke 02-11-2022
PatM666: Invaderwashere Bastia #BTA_24 #INVADERWASHERE #BASTIA #PAM666PHOTOS
The Tripodman: _A150034_DxO
klewis4848: The 7:05 AM Steilacoom-Anderson Island Ferry is On the Way!
The Tripodman: _MF10017_DxO
roli_b: Ferry Fähre Burg Lake Zurich Zürichsee Meilen Switerland
klewis4848: Steilacoom-Anderson Island Ferry on a Foggy Morning
roli_b: Ferry Fähre Horgen Zürichsee lake Zurich Switzerland
AFS Messina -> La Nave Traghetto REGGIO (Foto del mese n. 150 – Ottobre 2022)