shireye: Incoming storm
dunescape: Fall on the beach.
peterkelly: Birdhouse With A View
peterkelly: A Shifting Shore
dunescape: Wards Island
nifticus392: Rainbow from Burnaby Mountain
nifticus392: Burnaby double rainbow
Doug McGr: More Autumn Clouds
peterkelly: Taylor Head Shores
Mark McCauley: Berry Pond, Gros Morne, NL
vaneramos: Perfect morning on the dock 3/3
peterkelly: A Rusting Hulk
peterkelly: Dock Remnants
vaneramos: Perfect morning on the dock 2/3
R. Sawdon Photography: Sailboat Storage
vaneramos: Perfect morning on the dock 1/3
dunescape: Above the lake.
dunescape: Remote Beach
vaneramos: Stunted trees
peterkelly: Sandy Stretch
peterkelly: Trinity Bay Shore
dunescape: Fall beach.
vaneramos: Evening reflections on Fletcher Lake
peterkelly: Green Gardens Beach
peterkelly: Beach Stroll
peterkelly: Coastal Morning
peterkelly: Clinging Searocket
deanspic: Hutting to sunset…
marneejill: boat ride view
Mark McCauley: Western Brook Pond, Gros Morne, NL