dannyhennesy: Drifting and Levitation and gravity Mutual Interaction Between shapes and Abstract Bodies (artwork)
Wallimis: Resistance
dp792: djcolor pre 1
dp792: dparttistic pre 8
delnaet: Abstract Duvel
pastadimama: Life sucks when you have nothing to eat
2n2907: Abstract Perspective
yanomano_: _marina_
qlovolp: Buoy in the sky
EmArt baudry: Impressions - Feelings
qlovolp: Curve
Marc Verrière: Château de Poncé sur le Loir
Rg Sanders: Recherché
Howard J Duncan: Explicit
qlovolp: Warning
tom-quinn: Lake Tahoe Sailboat Reflection
Elena m.d.: Lluvia de otoño.
qlovolp: Piano
Hildain2018: Parking Monitor
Mark Noack: across the universe...
Mark Noack: ideology...
sculptorli: translucent
garciegido: Agua sobre piedra
al-ien: Fall colors... reflection abstraction
delnaet: A silver lining ?
WalrusTexas: Collaboration