lawatt: valley diptych
sycamoretrees: 202007 18
thereisnocat: Blue Wave > Red Wave
monodistortion: Pine Motel
monodistortion: Expired TV
dreamscapesxx: Polaroid Week Day Six - Sadie
Peter William Knight: Braga, Portugal No2
jillybeanmi: ‘Yakkin
juliarholcomb: 'Roid Week 2022 ~ Adora
lawatt: view from the crest of Mýrafell
lawatt: Veiðileysa (may 2021)
juliarholcomb: Lake Michigan, in all Her Splendor
lawatt: remembering which side you are actually on can sometimes be tricky...
lawatt: guitar diptych
sycamoretrees: 202005 08
lawatt: kaldbakshorn
sycamoretrees: 202005 03
place bel-air: Unique necklace handmade with Africans symbols.
lawatt: meraki
thereisnocat: Belford Harbor - dry transfer
sycamoretrees: 201912 24
place bel-air: Adinkra
lawatt: cairn — for the 12.12 Project theme, “please don’t forget me”
sycamoretrees: 201912 22
lawatt: Mom on the beach
lawatt: one year of retirement
lawatt: 12:12 theme: through the looking glass