Sonia Papillon: Mont Pilat: life is beautiful, when you can walk and see so much beauty around you :)
Brave Heart: Fall is here again.
Brave Heart: No dumping, Livermore Ca
~ cynthiak ~: See color and interestingness wherever you look...
lydiafairy: In my Garden
lydiafairy: daily walk to school
~ cynthiak ~: Untied...
a.has: [37/366]
a.has: [28/366]
a.has: [33/366]
~ cynthiak ~: Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world...
~*~ KO ~*~: 24/366 Little Miss Sassafras. I can't remember why she was pouting...but I know when I stood over her and pouted back at her, she laughed and ran away. The good news is her sass usually doesn't last long. Love that girl. #project365 #pouty #poutpout #sass
a.has: [14/365]
a.has: [16/365]
~ cynthiak ~: The circle game...
~ cynthiak ~: From where I stand: moss and boots
a.has: [359/365]
a.has: [336/365]
a.has: [338/365]
a.has: [345/365]
a.has: [313/365]
Brave Heart: Fall
a.has: [248/365]
a.has: [229/365]
a.has: [243/365]