vini00: Cape Maclear - Lake Malawi
vini00: The conductor
vini00: Mirage
vini00: Solo fishing
rednasz: Irrigation development in Malawi
Amber & Bryan: Landscape View
vini00: For hire???
vini00: Resting time
nchenga: lake malawi
nchenga: lake malawi
nchenga: lake malawi
Dietmar Temps: Malawi, children in primary school
vini00: Short sighted help?
vini00: So peaceful or maybe not so much...
vini00: Morning fishing crew
vini00: Future fishermen of Lake Malawi
vini00: Solo
vini00: Are their days counted?
CIP International Potato Center - Sub Saharan Afri: Tehilah Bakery and Value Addition Centre
vini00: Just past silver and onto gold
vini00: Lake Malawi at first light
Peter Gostelow: Cyclist beside Mount Mulanje and tea plantations.
vini00: Early morning at Lake Malawi
vini00: The early bird catches the worm...
vini00: A little downtime
vini00: Fishing fleet at Lake Malawi
vini00: Kids playing at Lake Malawi
vini00: Fishermen of Lake Malawi