Cetus13: on the railway station in India
Cetus13: Jaipur railway station
Hardcore Alcohaulic: Pseudo Diesel product from Diesel Loco Works, Varanasi.
Cetus13: Mumbai morning train
yeahwotever: Rickety rails.
TheIZNYDM4: The Kumaun Tiger in Punjab - IZN WDG4D 70373
Don Gatehouse: Leaving for Hisar
Don Gatehouse: Baldie to Jind
yeahwotever: Patrolled by dog.
Don Gatehouse: Kangra Arrival
yeahwotever: Stepping Across.
yeahwotever: Breaky time.
yeahwotever: Jaipur Junction.
yeahwotever: Chittaurgarh Jn.
yeahwotever: Station Diamond.
Hardcore Alcohaulic: Sleeping deer ! <3
Hardcore Alcohaulic: Piggy and Dabba together !
Hardcore Alcohaulic: Palaruvi with WAP4 !
TheIZNYDM4: The failed water tap and Avadh Express!
Don Gatehouse: A Burst of Alco Clag
Don Gatehouse: Platform Vendors Are Go!
Don Gatehouse: Away from Uchana
Don Gatehouse: Arriving From Amritsar
Hardcore Alcohaulic: Cruising WAP4 from AJJ!*
Hardcore Alcohaulic: Long Hood !
yeahwotever: Lenin down under.
Muthu 16674: GOC Toaster
Muthu 16674: Kurla Exp
yeahwotever: De-Training