jmwalder: Waiting to Work (2)
austexican718: Striga and Rudi at Play
sylviagreve: Dog shake at Issaquah Creek
Rick Derevan: Leaning on Sister (Explored)
Rick Derevan: Wheelchair Boy
jwtorg: MIlo front of Full Moon
austexican718: Intruders Beware!
austexican718: Napping in Luxury
Iain Stars 3: Penny and me in Minneopa State Park
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ChrisGoldNY: Mookie Goldberg
ChrisGoldNY: Mookie Meets a Horse
ChrisGoldNY: Mookie at SoCal Herding - Palmdale, California
Ping Timeout: Yuzu the Sheltie | Singapore
mcbobke: Bam Bam's Gotcha Day
mcbobke: Bam Bam
mcbobke: Bam Bam
Mikenor2002: Fun in the Water
Peet de Rouw: Charlie
Peet de Rouw: Westcoast Charlie
austexican718: Rudi - Eager to Please
minnetonkafelix: The boys, checking in.
janecumming33: Golden Della
austexican718: Bouviers Repel Squirrel from Birdfeeder
Ping Timeout: Yuzu the Sheltie | Singapore
ChrisGoldNY: Mookie at Tiffany
JDZKPhoto: pupparlor2