strnadpavel33: Evening on Traunstein
rafas passions: good morning
KatNip7: Close of Day
quadrolindo: Pier Mauá RJ
dperkphoto: The sky and the water looked like it was on fire tonight on the causeway to Antelope Island!
alongbc: IMG_6308 ~ menuju mentari pagi
Gary Rock Photo: Coastal walk sunset in Co.Donegal
Red Not Rab: Skarfskerry Harbour sunset, Caithness, Scotland.
andyrousephotography: Sunset over Igrane
paulclayton3: Aberfoyle Sunrise (3)
Juan Felipe Gómez T: Bahía de Santa Marta - Colombia.
AE-FLO: PA290021.jpg
延誌: 下八仙渡船頭-晨彩
stefan.bayer: Most of the problems in your life are due to two reasons: you act without thinking or think without acting
JDS Fine Art Photography: Les Grands Espaces
Alex-de-Haas: Old & New.
chris.willis3: Southsea Sunset Pano
Marcel Tuit | Mountains @ Black forest
Harleycy3: Westbay Monochrome, Sunset & Building Silhouette, Voronezh, Russia.
鹽味九K: Taijiang National Park
strnadpavel33: Silhouettes
juzzowen: Sanur, Bali
_ SZS _: Sunset
David D. Green: Angels Watching Over Me
duncanmc42: Dusky pond