nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Effects of Multi-Exposure, In-Camera Abstract by Nolan H. Rhodes Olympus E-M5 LUMIX G 14/F2.5 ƒ/8.0 14.0mm 1/800 ISO800
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Solar Reflection and Impressionism Effects of Natures Shadows Cast Upon A Wall Olympus E-M5 LUMIX G 14/F2.5 ƒ/4.5 14.0mm 1/160 ISO400
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Neon Lit Multi-Exposure Geometric Shapes within Shapes and Lines Nikon D7500 50.0-150.0mm f/2.8 ƒ/8.0 50.0mm 1/4000 ISO8000
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): MoMA Art - Animation of "Twisting Thread by Annie Albers 1983" "(multi-exposure in-camera)" Nikon D7500 50.0-150.0mm f/2.8 ƒ/11.0 62.0mm 1/100 ISO8000
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Surrealistic Multi-Exposure of Art Abstract At MoMA Nikon D7500 24.0mm f/1.8 ƒ/13.0 24.0mm 1/160 IOS3200
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Impressionistic Abstract of Interior Setting samsung SM-J727V ƒ/1.9 2.9mm 1/30 ISO160
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Cosmic Geometric Exploding Interior Store Chandelier
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): 1a. Street Scene Collage - New York City Colors (multi-exposure, in camera-analog)
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): 1b. Street Scene Collage Solarization Tonal Effect - New York City Colors (multi-exposure, in camera - analog)
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): In The Blur of A Moment.....
salmonsalmon: woods solarized
venkateshsvapps: small-solar-panel- for-sale-melbourne
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Multi-Exposure, In-Camera of Interior of Grand Hyatt Hotel Manhattan
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Colorful Indoor Wall Art Multi-Exposure, In-Camera moMA Cafe
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Multi-Exposure, In-Camera Ceiling Chandelier Hanging In MoMA NYC
EmperorNorton47: Soka University (Solarized)
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Multi-Exposure, In-Camera, Sepia (black and white) creative capture of designer lamp and interior of store in Manhattan, NYC
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Multi-Exposure of Indoor at Fulton Center NYC
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Architecture, Reflections and Shadows in Oculus and World Trade Center Area
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Galeria Melissa NYC - 500 Broadway (multi-exposures capture of store interior)
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Multi-Exposure, In Camera, Colors of New York City
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Neon Abstract Multi-Exposure, In Camera, Created by Nolan H. Rhodes
El que retrata: Solitario
Dave The Bluesman.: Rosetta Road Flats M1.0.31-5365-2
EmperorNorton47: Inner Courtyard, Getty Villa (Solarized)
Dave The Bluesman.: Veitches Corner Sol M6.12.25-4285-2
El que retrata: Street art of Pennywise
Dave The Bluesman.: Seed Head Sol M2--2
Dave The Bluesman.: Walk to Cardrona Solar C1.30.44Sun0.40.10-5859-19-2