AndrewDallos: Moment of Zen
AndrewDallos: Moment of Zen
AndrewDallos: Moon over New York
AndrewDallos: Central Park, NYC
AndrewDallos: Bow Bridge, Central Park, NYC
AndrewDallos: Saturday Moment of Zen
AndrewDallos: Saturday moment of zen
moonjazz: Sunset Volleyball San Diego, California
AndrewDallos: Fall on Fifth Avenue, NYC
moonjazz: God is Love, Salvation Mountain , California Desert
AndrewDallos: Camouflage dog in Fall colors
moonjazz: All Souls Together We Are One, A Music Video Celebration of Love
Twang Your Head: Jake The Birthday Boy
Twang Your Head: DSC02201
Twang Your Head: Watching Seven Planes
AndrewDallos: Peaking
AndrewDallos: Moment of Zen
AndrewDallos: Afternoon Stroll
moonjazz: Little Bitty Me - People Make a Difference
AndrewDallos: Fall colors outside Radio City Music Hall
moonjazz: Adventures of the Sad Little Cookie
AndrewDallos: Red, White and Blue in midtown, NYC
AndrewDallos: Park Avenue
AndrewDallos: Rockefeller Center
AndrewDallos: Park Avenue, NYC
The Good Brat: Well-Travelled Couple from Texas
moonjazz: It's Love You got to put In (a Great Music Video!)
AndrewDallos: Good time for reflection