budak: _Z2A0022 common scarlet
Furious purpose: Fan-foot
Ethan.Winning: The Face of a Female Blue Dasher 4674
Ecuador Megadiverso: Jewel Caterpillar, Minacraga argentata, Dalceridae
Wild Chroma: Marbled Rose-Chafer
Wild Chroma: Rosy-striped Knot-Horn
Wild Chroma: Goat Moth caterpillar
roggray: Four-banded Longhorn Beetle (Leptura quadrifasciata)
Cosper Wosper: Ruby-tailed wasp ~ (probably Chrysis ignita)
raysavage: Emperor dragonfly (and friend) - IMG_1505
Fred Roe: Cabbage White [Pieris rapae]
gailhampshire: Udea olivalis
gailhampshire: Neofaculta ericetella or Bryotropha affinis (Gelechiidae)
gailhampshire: Ephestia parasitella unicolorella ?
gailhampshire: Agapeta hamana
gailhampshire: Bryotropha basaltinella (Gelechiidae)
odd.steinveg: Bumblebee
Jaume Bobet: Gegenes nostrodamus
creaturesnapper: Box-tree Moth --- Cydalima perspectalis
Judith B. Gandy (on and off, off and on): Such a beauty! ~ Tiger swallowtail butterfly (Papilio rutulus or canadensis), British Columbia, Canada, June 2018
listera_ovata: Polarized reflections
Chet K. THANKS FOR 9.6 MILLION VIEWS: Milkweed bug, Whetstone Park of Roses 7/18/19
Jasrmcf: Fuji x-h1 60mm xf 2.4 macro
Mac ind Óg: Golden-ringed Dragonfly
pharzing: _DSC3161
pharzing: distelvlinder
Clare_leeloo: Common Darter
sanjayrajtk16: 2019-07-20_01-05-06
"Fozzy": Heliconius melpomene rosina