' m x b c h r: encore loupé!
JMS2: Tree Abstract
heinrich.hehl: Herbstgesteck - Autumnal arrangement
JMS2: Autumn Leaves
scampagni: sober
Attila Racz Photography: 21. November, Szegvar
ricko: The Gyrations of Elvis
JMS2: Autumn Blur
heinrich.hehl: Blick in den Herbstwald - View of the autumn forest
gary riley: IMG_5543 pineapple twyst w
Jo Evans1 - off and on for a while: Outtake firework display #2
Jo Evans1 - off and on for a while: Outtake firework display!
Sanda_77: Young and carefree
' m x b c h r: Passage d'un train
heinrich.hehl: Zauberwald - Magic forest
☼☼Jo Zimny Photos☼☼: At The Farmer's Market
☼☼Jo Zimny Photos☼☼: Spinning Wheel
lunasayeed: IMG_7941
Sanda_77: The shadow
gary riley: IMG_5310 pan2 w
gary riley: IMG_5336 up the creek w
gary riley: IMG_4977 early morn seascape w
heinrich.hehl: Die Farben des Herbstes - The colors of autumn
' m x b c h r: Sans titre-2
' m x b c h r: Vue du train
Sanda_77: Faraway voices of the past echoing through the present
Sanda_77: Escaping the self
ricko: This Could Be a Masterpiece if Only it Were In Focus