the dew on me: c'était rouge.
Jason 87030: 6Z48, Aynho Junction
ketil.melby: Drammen
ost_jean: Butterfly
marek&anna: Germany- Castle Reichenstein
ost_jean: Nothing to say.
Nuno F. C. Batista: 2019.10.22 - 030225 (NIKON D500) [Cabo Raso]
marek&anna: Germany, Berlin... checkpoint
ketil.melby: Budapest parliament
ketil.melby: Reclaimed by nature.
Gösta Knochenhauer: 1914 Benz 21/50
Gösta Knochenhauer: 1950 Buick Riviera 50-56R
ost_jean: Brother and sister
marek&anna: Dolomity-Marmolade
ost_jean: Flowers
Nuno F. C. Batista: 2019.10.22 - 021414 (NIKON D500) [Cabo Raso]
Jackie***: Blue Ridge Parkway
Jackie***: Blue Ridge Parkway
ost_jean: Flowers
Jason 87030: NXC837 Rugby
ost_jean: Butterfly
Jason 87030: The Old Lion, Harbourough Magna
ost_jean: Nature
Chris Baines: Star Cabs of Haverhill
Jason 87030: Gold leaf.............
ost_jean: Flowers
ost_jean: surprised by the photographer
Nuno F. C. Batista: 2019.10.22 - 020433 (NIKON D500) [Cabo Raso]
Jason 87030: 483006, Ryde Pier