Anghelov's: Anghelov's Photography #HoustonPhotographer
AllAboutRefractors: Messier 13 - The Hercules Cluster
george46x: Brands Hatch BSB 2019
GrfxDziner: purple2 [red spotted purple butterfly]
LXG_Photos: The Fin
Dan Bardloom: Deep Purple
GrfxDziner: screenAnnicaMail 2.17.09 [for Valentine's Day]
GrfxDziner: viceroy1
GrfxDziner: screenKatherineHuge
Moon Cake: 家燕 (白化) Barn Swallow (Albinism)
Alexandre D_: Back in 1944...
Passie13(Ines van Megen-Thijssen): Nadine IX - daylight
Phreeze Frame: AgustaWestland Apache AH.1 (ZJ210), Army Air Corps. Duxford, 2019
GrfxDziner: woodDucks3
dou_ble_you: cosmic howl
Victoria's Gallery Photography: "To love someone is to give them the power to destroy you and trust that they will not."
GrfxDziner: ellipse5raceway [crescent]
GrfxDziner: branch [11.23.18]
Green Mind Art: "Colors speak louder than words."
GrfxDziner: rowes [wings of an angel]
DusskDesign: You are Adventurous Néon bleu
San Diego Shooter: I met God
Daniel Medley: I Am the Sky
kristinabychkovaph: Sunflower (2)