pam's pics-: El Rancho Is El Rusty
perozzo photo: The Launching Pad
marley valera: US 66 Essex, California
marley valera: Probably closer to 16 ...
Barstow Steve: Denny's Windmill
Patrick Milano: Hackberry Arizona
tobysx70: Stained Glass 1
STREET MASTER: Santa Rosa, New Mexico – 2008
_RedShoesGirl_: lido motel sign
_RedShoesGirl_: 66 motel
Rural Warrior Photography: welcome tower
Old Phart's Photo: End of Day
cbrozek21: Albuquerque downtown (Central Ave). New Mexico, USA.
californiatochicago: S5 Lucille's Hydro OK
eoscatchlight: Danny's Service Center Sign on Route 66 in Springfield, Missouri I
eoscatchlight: Munger Moss Motel on Route 66 in Lebanon, Missouri in HDR I
eoscatchlight: Redmon's Candy Factory on Route 66 in Phillipsburg, Missouri III
pom'.: Atlanta, Illinois, USA
pom'.: Miami, Oklahoma, USA
Rural Warrior Photography: raise the roof
Rural Warrior Photography: my roots run deep
Rural Warrior Photography: dreaming of Don Quixote