pegase1972: Ruralscape
Lisa DiConti: Vermont Barn
Tom Mortenson: Meadow of Lupines
AChucksEyeView: Classic Barn
AChucksEyeView: Old Red Barn
leavesandpuddles: Hill House
henryhintermeister: 1960s Are Calling
jackalope22: A Tired Old Farmhouse!
mpyjydpq63: Large Farm with cattle
henryhintermeister: Country Morning
darletts56: Supercell cloud forming
rkprimrose: Old Farm House
mpyjydpq63: Large Farm and Hill
mpyjydpq63: Farm and Field
henryhintermeister: Photo-Bomb
barbara.burnell: P1080808-ARBON VALLEY BARN
hivisibility: BEAUTY IN RUINS
Hargas Funk: DSC_1250
JACK TOME: Summer - Hills Of Uxbridge Ontario
13skies: Fictional life
henryhintermeister: Off To The Side
pegase1972: Walbridge 12 sides barn in Mystic, Qc
Nigel Turner: Old Barn, near Balcombe, West Sussex
henryhintermeister: Hear The Silence
lacafferata: On the farm, Akershus, Norway
13skies: Next To Heaven (HSS)
13skies: Gone is the Wind #2 (HSS)
mpyjydpq63: Barn in Winter
henryhintermeister: Paths Not Traveled
DT's Photo Site - Anderson S.C.: Drinking buddies - Walker farm - Anderson S.C.