Madonovan: "Colors inspired by January 1982" - #1
Madonovan: "Colors inspired by January 1982" - #2
Madonovan: "Colors inspired by January 1982" - #3
Wuzbug: Portrait of Marilyn Monroe, American Actress, Singer, and Model. Graphite pencil drawing by jmsw on card.
beatme_x: remixed
beatme_x: vaga doku
beatme_x: flatterinstallation
beatme_x: wanderausstellung
beatme_x: neues haus
Madonovan: Still in progress
Wuzbug: Portrait of John Lennon MBE, Singer Songwriter, and Musician. 1940-1980. Graphite pencil drawing by jmsw on card.
Wuzbug: Jenkin’s friend. watercolour painting by jmsw
Madonovan: Beginning 7th color, "Denim Blue"
Wuzbug: New sketch book 2021. Ballpoint pen drawings by jmsw on recycled card. Landscape sketch studies.
xavjee hollander: parties d'un ensemble
xavjee hollander: last of the lost
beatme_x: kombi
Wuzbug: Experimental Art. Face. Polychromos pencil on card, by jmsw. Only on this site. Just for Fun.
Madonovan: Latest addition: Maroon (bottom color)
ahpook12: Bee Bottle
Wuzbug: This is a watercolour painting I shelved for two years, and have decided to start it up again. It’s still likely to take quite a while to complete. Here’s the painting and some details.
beatme_x: doppelgnatz
beatme_x: twenties
Wuzbug: Impression of the Sun shining through the Viaduct in Wales. Coloured pencil drawing on card by jmsw.
Madonovan: Halfway done!
Madonovan: Halfway done!
Wuzbug: Jenkins watching the birds in the tree. Coloured pencil only drawing on card by jmsw
Madonovan: 5th color complete, "Pale Purple"
Suz .. Abstract Art: "On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous" 2 __ Ocean Vuong