Elbmaedchen: Booh II
fam_nordstrom: Carnival, Sesimbra, Portugal
bobsan88: Otahuhu, Auckland
queue_queue: yellow wall
queue_queue: Vandalized apartment window and shadows
queue_queue: a halfhearted repair on a rotting wall
Bernard Spragg: Nipsey Hussle mural Grafitti Alley Toronto.
Ute Kluge: territorial demands (Manfred Geyer / Ute Kluge)
sgaubert: mur-fissures
vedebe: Un photographe sur les remparts / A photographer on the ramparts
ragnarfredrik: 162145 - Closed
queue_queue: A new member has joined the club
eloramews: Stone Walls (2019) of Elora Mews on West Mill Street, historic downtown Elora, Ontario, Canada
queue_queue: worn mural about to be removed
joeldinda: Mulliken Recycling Center
queue_queue: heavily decorated entrance
philou.61: Flussbad / River Bath