mrgraphic2: Just Add Water Boats (reflected)
Peter.Bartlett: Bicycle 043
IN2UT: hatched
IN2UT: so much for the past.
IN2UT: Industrial Stained Glass
IN2UT: Decaying Storage
Rock Water: Public Artère: 231/365: the sneaky getaway
whitenowhere: talisman
Steven Penton: Kidwelly Castle, Wales.
Peter.Bartlett: Batley 014
JayBeeEm: Wall Vents
queue_queue: Blue construction tarp
ragnarfredrik: 20190720_215012 - On poles
andrew-p: 07 Welsh Wanderings Jul 19 (104)a
DDM Imaging: Lighted Rope Wallère: layers of our lives (HCMC wall detail)
cxwww: hanging on a wall in Iran. Women, 1922
hamsiksa: Acoma Window
DDM Imaging: Fire Hose Valve
John Lamont1: Gletty Rd
MizMagee: The old service station
Delay Tactics: Exchange Gateway
Rock Water: Dance for the Sisters