judi may: 47/100: I must have flowers always and always...Claude Monet
~Pam Bedsole~: Wee Miss Freckles
ievaval22: Don`t forget...
birdsetcetera: Captivating
judi may: 46/100: Dream the impossible dream...Andy Williams
~Pam Bedsole~: Purple Hydrangea
domiguichard: Comme un rêve....
Muriel M. ∞ Photography: .Let your dreams set sail. ⚓
amjs63: Sensaciones
Sue Armsby: 💙 Sweet Pea 💙
Keys for now: pack your suitcase
fraser wilson: Mine Cornwall.
tmattioni: It's Still There!
JMS2: Squared Circle
~Pam Bedsole~: Tell Me Why The Stars Do Shine.....
godran25: Nef et grande rosace de l'église St-Martin
PriscillaHernandez85: Gravelot à Collier Interrompu / Pluvier à Collier Interrompu / Kentish Plover / Charadrius Alexandrinus
YourCastlesDecor: Seltzer Bottles
~Pam Bedsole~: Sweet Magnolia
ulla.smidt-berner: Beeing happy
gquian: DSC_0164 Graptopetallum pachyphyllum
jan.ludorf: Il-Gnien ta' Sant'Anton
tmattioni: Ocean Street, obviously