eagle1effi: 2019-11-22_04-45-49 42 mm human eye View. Canon Powershot SX70 HS DS
Peter Juerges: we will remember them on the beaches...
eagle1effi: Zoom Nachtaufnahme mit der SX70. Full Raw CR2. 220 mm, Spot metering.
kuestenkind: Waldspaziergang
Postcards A La Carte: Sand Between Your Toes, Footprints in the Sand
alight: rainbow tail lights
kuestenkind: FridaysForFuture
Postcards A La Carte: Kapalua Bay - West Maui Beach
alight: morning glory!
Peter Juerges: Dune Fence - Holding back the sky.
alight: easy, rider.. 💛
kuestenkind: rainbow panorama
eagle1effi: Sunset 1365 mm. Canon Powershot SX70 HS. F22. Edition by toolwiz. FOCUS Mode.
kuestenkind: ghosts
eagle1effi: SAMSUNG S10 Firmware Update. Better Nighshot Mode. Selftimer 2s. ISO 320. A hugh step forward.
kuestenkind: jungle
Peter Juerges: a peacfull afternoon 2
Peter Juerges: Last Sun
kuestenkind: Purpur-Klee
Peter Juerges: Dazzling Cape Cornwall
Tropic~7: Celadine Plumeria
Peter Juerges: Godrevy Sunset
alight: rivers and rivers of love
Postcards A La Carte: Paddling to the Western Maui Sunset
kuestenkind: Heavy clouds
alight: light of the world!
alight: rivers of light
kuestenkind: Guglhupf und Hornveilchen
alight: heart earth