Philip@Tamsui: Taiwanese opera
Daniel_C_C: Waves breaking on The Embankment
sgaubert: Homo-sapiens2
Paul Steptoe Riley: light house
rbrnal: "The Snake Woman"
rbrnal: Toronto.
JoeGarity: In Golden Gate Park this afternoon
Guido Klumpe: Stripe
iwagami.t: Tokyo.江戸川区下篠崎町 小久保団地入口
mitko_denev: Marktplatz / Марктплац
Arnim Schulz: Barcelona - Espanya Industrial 016-020 a
M!FODY: Flower
M!FODY: Flower
M!FODY: Pear
M!FODY: Flower
M!FODY: Church bells
M!FODY: Church bells
M!FODY: Church bell
gary8345: London Street Art 2019/145
gary8345: London Street Art 2019/144
gary8345: London Street Art 2019/143
gary8345: London Street Art 2019/142
gary8345: London Street Art 2019/141
Guido Klumpe: Straight up
StephenLeedyPhotography: Water Tower in the Sunset over the Hudson River
Mignon Lopez: 晨光
sugar-leg: Illusions are short lived.
weirdoldhattie: The Best Supermarket
Malc '64': Late Afternoon in London [1]
byronv2: Industrial Archaeology