mundanebeautyx: Killington, Vermont
jan.vd.wolf: Forest Path
richwat2011: Dungeness
Gunnerhead: The 13th century church ruin at Carron, Co Clare, Ireland
rabesphoto: Seattle harbor
PixelSpeaks Photography: Jim Corbett National Park
Kees Couwenberg: Bossen bij Dorst (4)
bayernphoto: Yellow and Blue
Mrs.WQ: Taking it to the City Streets-Indiana #55
Mrs.WQ: Reflecting on Fall #25
Lajos Peszt: Szent Mihály Kápolna (St Michael's Chapel)
tquist24: Autumn Arrives in Indiana (16)
rmh2008: auf dem Herzen Wiens
stephen dutch BDPS: Little Langdale, Cumbria
Harry Lipson III: Local Government Style Points
ste dee: Autumn Rosehip
markshephard800: Autumn wanders
OutdoorMonkey: Chinkwell Tor
Harry Lipson III: Chubbo Chirper
jasoux: Tributary Crossing - Upstream of Anti-Crow Hut
jasoux: From Above Barker Hut
Kirk Lougheed: Mountain Stream
bowchee likes cameras: Douglas Arizona
Masako Metz: In the Moonlight
Tom Dotson: Cottonmouth
Ade McCabe: 03:18 sleep eludes me.