Zack Huggins: White Rock Lake
Zack Huggins: Texarkana, TX
Zack Huggins: Texarkana, AR
Zack Huggins: Texarkana, AR
Kristina_5: Douglas Root Beer Barrel
Zack Huggins: Bayou Lanes
Zack Huggins: Lisa & Mandy
Zack Huggins: San Antonio, TX
Zack Huggins: Irving Blvd.
m01229: Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada - Janurary 20, 2019: Road signs indicate the junction of Highway 93 and 95 for drivers
m01229: Millon Dollar Highway in Colorado - with Millon Dollar VIEWS!
m01229: Winding road through high desert scenery in the Eastern Sierra Mountains in California
m01229: Adult woman stands with arms raised in the middle of the road (Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada's desert). Concept for daring, daredevil, dare, open road
m01229: Animal crossing bridge along the Trans Canada Highway (Highway 1) in Banff National Park in winter
m01229: Dead cow roadkill on the side of the road (Extraterrestrial Highway open range in Nevada). Hide skin and bones on the carcass
Zack Huggins: Irving Blvd.
Zack Huggins: Irving Blvd.
Zack Huggins: Irving Blvd.
m01229: JULY 4 2018 - RACHEL, NEVADA: Landmark sign for the Extraterrestrial Highway is covered in stickers from tourists exploring this stretch of road known for Area 51 and UFO sightings
m01229: Little Ale'Inn - Rachel, NV
m01229: Extraterrestrial Highway Nevada
m01229: Welcome to Rachel, NV
m01229: JULY 4 2018 - RACHEL, NV: Two adult women pose in front of the Extraterrestrial Highway Sign along SR 375 in Nevada, wearing alien sunglasses
m01229: Greetings, Earthlings. Welcome to Rachel, NV
Zack Huggins: Levee St.