Aves Lux: Androecium
Lukjonis: Snowflake on smooth gradient background. Macro photo of real snow crystal on glass surface. This is small snowflake with unusual pattern.
maxn9: close up of spider
Cheryl Dunlop Molin: frost on the wildflowers
Xx7trey: American green crab spider (Misumessus oblongus)
Dalantech: Gecko on a Leaf II
luc420: Pegomya sp.
f8shutterbug: flowers... are delicate
Wicked Dark Photography: Bronze jumping spider
Ed Phillips 01: Katianna schotti
maxn9: macro of........
paweesit: seashell up close
Cheryl Dunlop Molin: details in ice (Explored)
Xx7trey: Ground crab spider (Xysticus)
pics by paula: Macro Monday Flower
Foxglove: signs of autumn
Irene Ruysch: Three of a kind
luc420: ephemere
Vicent Ramiro: Red rose...
Janette Paltian: After the rain
craigrdaffin: Yellow flower with insect
craigrdaffin: Green spider
Crazy Mushroom: Trichia decipiens
JackAZ Photo: Salt 'n peppa
craigrdaffin: Bee in garden
Thanks for 3.4M views!: Moab fossil crystal macro -2
Sharon Meyer: Flowers
andredekesel: Dorcus