Jon Dev: Swamp vegetation: cattails
ilovekongfu: 2019.10.17 Abstract (phonetography)
Andrew Teece: Down to the woods
edk7: Rusty farm-cart wheel, Erindale, Mississauga, Ontario.
vaneramos: Red barberry
edk7: 'Campana Plaque', Latium, late-1stC BCE to mid-2ndC CE, terracotta relief - Vatican Museums, Rome
texturepalace: Wall texture #texturepalace 01
Ardan_Dojan: Little by Little __
Picture-Perfect Pixels: Arbutus bark beauty.
jean-marc losey: côté pile
jean-marc losey: côté face
Andrew Teece: Moment before dawn.
FotoGrazio: Delicate Diagonals
wos---art: 20191016_173451 BernsteinEichhörnchen
Pixel Packing Mama ~ 30 Million Views: Wall & Column with Beauty Hanging All Over It
Thirsty Hrothgar: The garden of rainy delights (b&w)
zen moments: Geometry
edk7: Guard and disciplinarian: Hopi Katsina doll - Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona.
vaneramos: Lichen invasion
wos---art: 20191013_172942 StrandZeitung
Andrew Teece: Pocket Watch
wos---art: 20191013_172758 FliegenPilz
SWJuk: SJ2_2856 - Autumn berries
Jon Dev: Black metal fence and blue plastic bin
Jon Dev: Autumn leaves, Calgary (2019) - #9
eberhardwild: SMC Pentax - M 1:4 75-150mm
eberhardwild: SMC Pentax - M 1:4 75-150mm
.KiLTЯo.: I can't go on without you my blue love