Andrea Di Castro: Detalle. Cascada Agua Azul
jhberger505: Rainy-day courtyard, French Quarter, New Orleans
Pixel Packing Mama ~ 29 Million Views: Wooden Bench Slats with Liqueur Glasses ~ Artsy
SpyderMarley: Wood Face Abstract
ReiFLexx: Casing the leader - Gastown Grand Prix 2019
Sea Moon: Spontaneous Patterns 12
Sea Moon: Liquid Crystal Gold
jeubeda: IMG_9969_las bodegas de ladrillo
Stonepicker+: Wet Sand
ptous1: _A312764-master.jpg
Jakza: esquecido
nightcloud1: sweet help
soulfunkrocker: if you don't know where to park your dog
Brenda Akker: Macro Mondadys: "Patterns in nature"
Red Nomad OZ: When the River Runs Dry, Outback South Australia
Lovelli: xxxP1010328
Jon Dev: Red paint on a wooden post
Jon Dev: Bedding planes in Paskapoo Formation sandstone
chapelcross12: 2019-07 lost soul
andycurrey2: Texture 10 Mushroom Gills
pépée49: La roue
trosemary27: E a r s
SpyderMarley: Unwinding