eltrueno: Bong
The Glassworks: 1951 Valley Dairy Milk Bottle
wos---art: 48528943066_n Kartoffelmelone XVII (potatoes and melon)
The Glassworks: 1956 Bobs Premium Quality King Sized Beverages Bottle
vladileon76: les verres #2
heatherpix: Sunroom in a ball
Elisabeth patchwork: bridge at the fingertips
Elisabeth patchwork: fortune cookie paper
Captainchaoz: Intaglio Hock
zoulex69: Motifs lumineux
Paulemans: Copper and Glass
marek&anna: Kraków... entrance gate to the Collegium Witkowskiego
elena rw: old glass, old web
Captainchaoz: Number Ten
marek&anna: Prague... invention of something... ?
Senor_Manolo: DSC00673_6
Pisces Moon in Black & White: the price of experience...
Elisabeth patchwork: geometric pattern
Elisabeth patchwork: morning view
marek&anna: ...from the streets of Prague
sugar-leg: old bottles have a lot of stories to tell you.
marek&anna: Kraków... the gate of the tenement house from 1897 at 10 Kochanowskiego St.
marek&anna: Prague, Republic Square... street art 3D
marek&anna: Jędrzejów-muzeum
The Glassworks: 1984 Rolling Rock Beer Bottles
sugar-leg: waiting for the big wave to ride quietly and politely.