Wuzbug: Ballpoint pen portrait drawing by jmsw on card
ber52: Fractal
K@moeiras: charanga medieval, mercado
Glen Bledsoe: Mrs. Thomas Misses Social Cues
Steve.D.Hammond.: Spewing Landscape.
Craig Walkowicz: Artist Depiction of the Ultra Rare Neolithic Geometrolian Man and Woman of the Snake Clan
nomm de photo: Catch of the Day
Polette D'Arnu: Les fleurs du mal
doloreslopez2: Primera nevada alrededor de la bahía
mseagerthomas: Diluvian wall
beata katarzyna: samsung 021 Suisse -Lausanne ville sous la pluie.....
dannyhennesy: Great news for the scientists who put this remote-controlled cam on Saturn´s Largest moon Titan it reveals a spiral-shaped prehensile tentacle breaking the surface of a hydrocarbon lake there (artwork by danny hennesy 2022) abstrato kunst arte sci-fi
Wuzbug: Ballpoint pen drawing coloured in Polychromos pencil, by jmsw on sketch book card, highlights in Gouache.
Stanislawski 2011: Flower meadow / Blumenwiese Pastell
claudionimuc: Il decimo passo
claudionimuc: L'ottavo passo
Nigel Turner: The Crowhurst Yew, Surrey
jean-jourdan.com: s'envole au vent
doloreslopez2: Aechmea Fasciata
beshubee: By William Peter shubalis
Iritxu: Museum Island
bobbyblack51: SKILLS, NOTTINGHAM 1836PG OAF985X
michel-hou: DSCF2465
johann walter bantz: indeterminable autoportrait Nr. 23
epsdude96: Drops In Black And White: Part 2
philippeguillot21: Artiste à l'œuvre dans une rue de Florence
epsdude96: Perseverance
philippeguillot21: Palazzo Pitti, sala di Apollo
floeverdine: Post 200