tosh123: Newport Methodist Church, Isle of Wight, UK
DannyAbe: Central grandeur
mrgraphic2: Castle turret
mrgraphic2: Indiana State Capital x 2!
mrgraphic2: Looking at dome
mrgraphic2: Indiana Statehouse dome at night
mrgraphic2: Dome In the Distance
mrgraphic2: Turret on Murat Shrine
mrgraphic2: Turret on the old "Deutsch Haus"
mrgraphic2: Murat Shrine tower in Indy
Rhisiart Hincks: Twred / Turret (ii)
DannyAbe: Turreted ark
army.arch: San Francisco, CA Western Addition house
aljuarez: São Paulo, Brazil
aljuarez: São Paulo, Brazil
aljuarez: São Paulo, Brazil
aljuarez: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Equinox27: Eastern State Penitentiary
army.arch: Washington, DC Central National Bank (now the St. Marc Hotel)
Equinox27: Trumbull Avenue Castle
army.arch: Corinth, MS house
Rhisiart Hincks: Turaid ann am Pàislig
aljuarez: Helsinki, Finland
Istvan: Pápa Roundaboutviews #3
Mercer52: Chicago turret
ffshoe: Radford Church, No 29
ffshoe: JH Daverman No 18
PhotonArchive: 1970s Edgemere Dartmouth winter snow