Johan Buts: Disappear in Dark Shadows .
nitram242: Chicago Church Ruin and Rehab
lynn smith: Allan's Motel
lynn smith: Spotted umbrella & friends
Johan Buts: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes.
Johan Buts: Dancing Undercover. Programmed - Archive
Johan Buts: Dirty Dancing1
Johan Buts: Midnight Promises.
lynn smith: A row of rusty bollards et moi
Johan Buts: Frustration.
Johan Buts: Oblivion Day.
Walsh: The Guild
lynn smith: "Authorised dealer" for what, you may well ask?
wavz13: Welcome to the Jersey City hinterlands, 1998 style. A low-res shot of Johnston Ave from Cornelison Ave, just a few blocks south of the old Medical Center. At one time, a heavily industrialized area but gentrification hadn't reached this part of town yet.
Johan Buts: Wasting Time.
Johan Buts: The Road Less Troubled.
Johan Buts: Familiar Stranger.
nitram242: Sacred Hearts Hospital Medical Supplies
nitram242: Chicago Sacred Hearts Hospital CT Scan Bed
wavz13: Abandoned gothic Lehigh Valley railroad warehouse ruins in Black Tom. It survived the massive munitions sabotage explosion of 1916. By the late 1950s, it was a relic of another time. Today, this is the southern-most area of Liberty State Park. Jersey City
Johan Buts: Low Ride Home.
Johan Buts: Good Enough.
lynn smith: Another vacant Sydney shop: victim of the Covid-19 pandemic.
nitram242: Sacred Hearts Spooky Hospital Hall
wavz13: Yet more fun in the old days. I wonder what drivers on the Turnpike thought of this utter wasteland so close to NYC? Ruins of the Central Railroad of NJ north roundhouse, a power plant and an office building. Ghetto palm tree heaven. Jersey City. 1975.
Jason_Hood: 47811
nitram242: Chicago Sacred Hearts Hospital 1st Floor
Jason_Hood: A Basket Case