Randy Gardner 88: Trinidad on a sunny day
RussellK2013: Rainbow Surf
willowcc: That moment.....
gerhard.1962: Sunset at the sea
John A. McCrae: Thoughts of work seem to fade away
t_p_n: Morgen ved Ishøj Strand
001Annehappy: Autumn , Raet Nationalpark. Tromøy, Øyna, Norway.
J Lamont: Cannon Beach Oregon
001Annehappy: Across the 7 seas... Good bye, Beauty.....
e t d j t™ pictures: Alphonse Island - Alphonse Atoll - Seychelles 2019
tmattioni: And it's still there
tmattioni: A place I want to be
001Annehappy: Hasseltangen, Norway...
Stephane James: Brighton
Stephane James: West Pier
davehanley1: Sunset at Gallipoli Italy
angelbrd59@yahoo.com: Rocks over time
angelbrd59@yahoo.com: La Jolla waves
angelbrd59@yahoo.com: California coast
angelbrd59@yahoo.com: Cormorant watching the wave come in
angelbrd59@yahoo.com: LA JOLLA COVE
e t d j t™ pictures: Round Island - Seychelles 2019
001Annehappy: Sunrise over Raet Nationalpark. Tromøy, Bjellandstrand. Norway.
e t d j t™ pictures: Round Island - Seychelles 2019
willowcc: It's all about natural beauty.....
RURO photography: Europe - Iceland - Ijsland
pseudodejapris: Ashizuri22
001Annehappy: Sleeping sea... Røttinga, Osøyro. Norway.