lhboudreau: Buffalo Brewing Company Ad, Stecher Lithographic Co., (1901). This poster-size reproduction is by the Somerset Press (1974)
catching image memories: A very relaxing place to spend the day swimming and sunbathing.
Jens Schröter: Schloss Sigmaringen
ArdieBeaPhotography: Skyline Waterpark Day 090
ArdieBeaPhotography: Skyline Waterpark Day 099
Swallowtail Garden Seeds: Butterfly weed. Asclepias tuberosa. Morris, R., Flora conspicua, t.39 (1826) [W. Clark]
Swallowtail Garden Seeds: Garden tulip (Tulipa gesneriana)
Paul Saad: 8507764
ISOZPHOTO: Blumenstrauß
Swallowtail Garden Seeds: Majorcan peony (Paeonia cambessedesii)
Randsom: P1110402
Errol_S: The Lady in Pink
@WineAlchemy1: It's a Battlefield
lhboudreau: Art by Frank Kelly Freas for "Lorelei of the Red Mist" by Ray Bradbury & Leigh Brackett in "Tops in Science Fiction" (Fall 1953)
ISOZPHOTO: Ostsee bei Poddabie - Polen
John Woolley Photos: Lorna_1910_Whalley
Paul Saad: Belly Dancer
Mario & Debbie: Sunrise at Bryce Canyon
Role Bigler: IMG_4384 Burgäschisee