vulcan_2009: IMG_1392 Craig Yr Aber (42)
vulcan_2009: IMG_1392 Craig Yr Aber (40)
natalie.ferguson95: August 28, 2020 old woodchopping machinery
Dick Bulch: Abandoned boat, shed & winch gear at Dungeness beach
BC_CS5: Stehekin Proud International
BC_CS5: Stehekin Proud Monochrome
David~DC: '58 Ranchero
Dick Bulch: Dungeness Beach
London Dada: Rustic / one more payment and it's yours
Steve Jeffsson.: Old Corrugated Tin Farm Building,Over Haddon,Derbyshire.
jpkissel46: DSC_0152.JPG
Steve Jeffsson.: Twisted and Rusting old Dutch Barn,Derbyshire Dales.
London Dada: Rust never sleeps
Steve Jeffsson.: 1982 Mk2 Ford Granada Based Hearse.
klh1332: Welcome To Dayton
Steve Jeffsson.: Old Rusty Flat Irons.
Scumbag*College: Dead from the Waist Down
Dick Bulch: The China Hall London SE16
Dick Bulch: The Cauliflower High Road Ilford
London Dada: Analogue relic with scart
jpkissel46: Alone in the Arizona desert. Called AAA....still waiting.
VincePayavis: Rusty Nuts
jpkissel46: Forgotten barn. Spalding County, GA
Steve Jeffsson.: Rusting Tractors Part 2,Derbyshire.
Steve Jeffsson.: Rusting Tractors,Part 1,Derbyshire.
Steve Jeffsson.: A Winch in Waiting,Dirty Red Soil Mine,Sheldon,Derbyshire Dales.
Steve Jeffsson.: Old Winding Gear,Magpie Mine,Sheldon,Derbyshire Dales.
Steve Jeffsson.: Fordson Major,No longer in use.Staffordshire Moorlands.
Steve Jeffsson.: Old 3 Furrow Plough,Staffordshire Moorlands.