Modkuse: Hydrangea White - Just A Start
Alexandre D_: Small crocus flavus
markhlewis170262: Portugal Flowers - June 2019
Peter.Stokes: Cactus in flower
scinta1: Pink Princess
EduOrtÍn.: Pensamiento.
Magda Banach: Bouquet
Veronique Stewart: Bit of Sun works wonders in the garden
Richard Lee Bledsoe: Zan and Rocky's Garden, Santee, California
Modkuse: Daylily Visitor
Modkuse: Gardenia On The Way
Jo&Ma: blau, blau, blau blüht...
beranekp: 2006-05-08 Chamaecytisus ratisbonensis - Děvín
Veronique Stewart: Lovely White mini Daisy like flower, my garden
Veronique Stewart: Chrysanthemum, my garden
danniepolley: Washington, DC
avempace2: Flor silvestre de la alcachofa.
twg1942: Yellow and Red Flower
sunspotimages: Water Lily Purple 3-0 F LR 6-12-19 J229
coulportste: Beauty
john dyble: Lily Anther-1
aika217: orchid4
Seventh Heaven Photography **: Lady Slipper Orchids
Seventh Heaven Photography **: Lady Slipper Orchid (Paphiopedilum)
Judith B. Gandy (on and off, off and on): Spider lily flower, with hawk moth, closer, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China, June 2014