wheehamx: Multi pinhole camera at Fairlie, 4x5 ortho 25
www.nolenslandscapes.co.uk: Arbroath Seafront B&W
hemelsteen: pinhole #3
matériel brouilleur: Barrage de la Galache, Haute-Vienne.
bigbill2006: Pulgas Water Temple
hemelsteen: pinhole #8
EnzoCiminelli: Stockholm
EnzoCiminelli: Stockholm
EnzoCiminelli: Stockholm
DelioTO: Lucan’s Floodplains
Daphnesalbums: tip of the harbor
Daphnesalbums: little formation
Dikal: Un jour, j'irai là-bas...
wanderer.fi: Path
wheehamx: Irvine Harbourside multi pinhole camera onto 4x5 ortho 25
Peter de Graaff: Out back of old homestead
Dikal: I'm thrown and overflown with bliss
Daphnesalbums: Genesis
DelioTO: An up-hill winter trail
Daphnesalbums: Sunset at the harbor yesterday
V-A-B: Bayside Historical Society, Fort Totten
Dikal: Like birds on a branch
DelioTO: Residence in the shade
trasiegu: #1877 curved ramp
V-A-B: Fort Totten, Lower Level
V-A-B: Fort Totten, Upper Level