Laurie LS Wright (DoodleBugDezines): Kansas, Point of Know Return. An earth tattoo depicting an old sailing ship as it crosses the point of no return and falls off the edge of the world. From the 1976 Kansas album cover "Point of Know Return".
laurenlemon: 210/365 July 29, 2009
ladyloneranger: White Lily
Abode of Chaos: Julian ASSANGE arrested, painted portrait - Wikileaks
Abode of Chaos: Julian Assange painted portrait - Wikileaks
Flatbush Gardener: Robert Guskind, Gowanus Lounge
ex_magician: Oh, What A Night!
Lia Lake: Zac Efron 7
Robin Thom: The Lone Cypress.
amras_de: Op-Art-Ausstellung / Op-Art-Exhibition - Frankfurt 2007
Roy Mac: Torching the Asphalt
Blackwych: Singapore Girl...
Blackwych: Christmas Lights - South Bank