Studio d'Xavier: So What happened to the Murder Hornets?!!
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Studio d'Xavier: Facial Covering
Studio d'Xavier: A Painting of Pies I Found in San Francisco
John FotoHouse: cardiacs | self portrait 31:52
engstromtomas: Portrait
John FotoHouse: the last Q | self portrait 30:52
Studio d'Xavier: Delusions of Adequacy
Seb+Jim: 42 - La terrasse
LacyChenault: 70s dress
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LacyChenault: Practicing the smize
LacyChenault: 38 years old
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jp731: (null)
Funny Cyclist: Kicking my 60s into touch 19-09-14 (38)a
Studio d'Xavier: Earle often wondered if the prairie stars were just holes punched into the lid of a giant shoe box.
Matt Tirrell: SPSP0936217982411568631959762022
John FotoHouse: wrapped | self portrait 28:52
Studio d'Xavier: Self Portrait on Yellow with Two Friends