Gerald (Wayne) Prout: Sheep (Ovis aries)
David ZImagery: When You See It This Way
PhilBee NZ (social historian): Tasman: 146 Quail Valley Rd (3)
PhilBee NZ (social historian): Tasman: Hinehaka barn (2)
Gerald (Wayne) Prout: 1938 McCormick-Deering Farmall F-14 Tractor
wordman760: Yellow
photofiend358: When Good Cows Do Bad Things
candicew611: A ride with poppy
Gerald (Wayne) Prout: Old Barn - Monteith Road
BillsExplorations: before the storm....
SurFeRGiRL30: A Little Cafe Garage
PhilBee NZ (social historian): Don't fence me in...
PhilBee NZ (social historian): Dream home? Or nightmare?
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MyEyesHaveSeen: DSC_7531
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MyEyesHaveSeen: DSC_0360
jayfred65: DSC00102
bjcoving: Barn Swallows on a Wire
DDM Imaging: Low Storm Front
Alan10eden: Rye n the sky