takapata: Painted Lady (Cynthia cardui)
Zazarel: Lachnaia cylindrica / Macro
Testudo Man: Small Heath Butterfly (uncropped). 15th June 2019.
Testudo Man: Common Blue Butterfly (male) uncropped. 15th June 2019.
Testudo Man: Green Hairstreak Butterfly (uncropped). 6th May 2019.
alfrd p: ML_190608_3
David G. Hoffman: 023858 Incomming...Just As I Was About To Capture This Flower In My Garden
Bereno DMD: Natures Patterns
Gordon Magee: Bee arriving on a Passion Flower
muratrimed: Sericomyia eye 61
muratrimed: Sericomyia eye 79
Hans-Georg Knöß: Rothalsige Silphe (Oeceoptoma thoracicum)
Hans-Georg Knöß: Schwarzer Schneckenjäger (Phosphuga atrata)
niekeblos: Artful nature-2
Pittou2: Fourmi
Realmantis: 1052_bumblebee_covered_by_the_rain
bratispixl: Sun and Shadow 011
Iza 222: La vie est une rose dont chaque pétale est une illusion et chaque épine une réalité.
vojtechvita: Abronia graminea
Raul Espino: Bombylius
orflo: thunderstorm ahead! (1 van 1)
See Wildlife: Sesia apiformis
silviusdamicus: Macro flower's 78
silviusdamicus: Macro in Mandela Park's 52
silviusdamicus: Macro flower's 80
madhavmallia: Probing the Pollen...
Louis (Michel) Sinnassamy: Large skipper / Sylvaine
riccardomissagia1: Coenonympha arcania Nymphalidae
KissThePixel: The Poppy and the Bee...