dirk huijssoon: Hawthorn branch in Autumn, covered with fungi
Zsaj: Gills
N.Batkhurel: cold morning ...
Jan de Neijs Photography: Vliegenzwam - Solleveld - 's-Gravenhage
gilberteplessers: Green tongue.......This succulent with those hairy leafs made me think of tongues with the taste buds. I just loved the details in this macro shot so much that I flipped the image to the left to get this effect !!
@magda627: Water droplets are the best
Dingo photography: mushroom twins
alfrd p: ABG_191012_6
alfrd p: ABG_191012_7
Karsten Kretz: P4110433
Marcello Consolo: Mesembrina meridiana (Linnaeus, 1758) ♂
Pittou2: Papillon de nuit
Alexandre D_: The fly (3)
Harry Lipson III: Harvard University
Simon Volkmann: Spider web B/W
Wilhelmus15: Cupido Argiades
Raul Espino: Ameles
月犬火: P1010542+
Obas123: Drinking cup
Kubre: Pilze im Duo.
Damaz Real Fantasy: Diente de león