4taote: 31&32
lesphotosdepatrick: In the light
fabiolug: Amsterdam
ksmallon: Center City Philadelphia
ksmallon: Out for a walk
fadercurle: T3T30618
fadercurle: T3T30610
keycmndr (aka CyberShutterbug): Browsing the Market
Arif Kavak Street Photography: Ottignies Train Station (by Night) Railway
darkoni35: Bride 5
Steve Mitchell Gallery: They Met At Joe's Usual Spot
alhawley: XPR29404
fadercurle: T3T30609overdrevenZWedit
Arif Kavak Street Photography: "Ice Cream Story"...
Poul-Werner: The Neue Wache Memorial
HIDE@Verdad: A scene in Komagome town,Tokyo 2019/07 No.3(taken by film camera).
HIDE@Verdad: A scene in Marunouchi area,Tokyo 2019/08 No.5.
P'pita: Au théâtre
slightly leaning: Summer path
Josh Getman: Crosswalk
Cardiff shooter: Fish preparation
fadercurle: T3T30143
Gaetano Di Somma: On the streep
ksmallon: Center City Philadelphia
Jonath.G.: selfie
Chris (a.k.a. MoiVous): Did you see this one?
Chris (a.k.a. MoiVous): Blowing away